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Career: Assessment & Perspective

In today's fast changing environment, competition, and globalisation, objectives and orientation need constant readjustment at companies and employees level. Within that scope, the Career Assessment & Perspective is a management tool assisting you as the employer, and the employees in making appropriate decisions towards the future.

For you, it helps optimizing the internal resources of your enterprise. Its result aims to:

  • Better identify the potential of your collaborators
  • Possibly re-orientate them and anticipate internal mobility
  • Plan trainings and/or coaching
  • Retain the talents you need and/or release the collaborators who no longer fit the environment

For the employees, the process responds to their need for advancement. It helps them to:

  • Better understand themselves, their strengths, and weaknesses
  • Re-define their objectives and motivation in conformity with their competence
  • Validate their professional and personal advancement approaches for a continuous self-motivation and satisfaction

The methodology consists at analyzing the past and current professional path of the employees, at evaluating their level of competence, satisfaction and motivation, and at supporting them in identifying and defining their possible future professional steps taking into account their personal interests and ability to reach them.

You can also offer this program as a termination compensation package to the Executives you unfortunately need to release. It will facilitate their repositioning and their ability to find quickly a new role.