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Performance Optimization

It is obvious that to work efficiently, one needs to be in harmony with a good energy level.

Our objective is to optimize the performance and the well-being of the employees by ensuring that the interaction of the energy flows between them and their working environment is balanced thus in harmony. This method derives from Radiesthesia, a recognized Western science back from ancient Egypt, detecting the energy flows, interpreting, and possibly correcting their interaction. Some of its applications are similar to the Chinese FengShui.

All on earth emits energetic waves. When several energy fields are put in contact, they are naturally altered by each other. The principle is to find out if such interactive frequencies are positive or negative, or at least have no impact. In an office, there are numerous energy fields which come into contact: human beings, water, electricity, telephones, building structures, computers… and thus the possibilities that some of the waves disrupt the energy flow of others are numerous.

While detecting the sensitivity of the person(s) in contact with the energies produced by the other bodies and its possible disruptive outcome, we can help re-establish a positive or neutral flow by either simply changing placement of objects or people around for a better interaction, or by adding a body (mineral or plant) which will either "absorb" or "stop" the noxious waves. Or if you move of office, before final layout of furniture and people, we can test the interacting energies to ensure ideal placement or orientation for a beneficial flow.

As this may sound intriguing, we will be happy to explain you more in detail the method and its various applications.